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Gastric Balloon



Anesthesia : Local
Operation Time : 30 Minutes
After Operation Recovery Time : 1 Month
Hospital Stay : Same Day
Healing Time : 1 Month
Return To Work Time : 15 days
Hotel Acommodation : --

What is the Gastric Balloon?

One of the most popular weight loss methods without any surgical intervention is Gastric Balloon! Also known as Stomach Balloon. It is a device that is temporarily placed in the stomach to help you get rid of weight. It is done when diet and exercising had no effective results. Gastric Balloon is inserted in a 15-minute procedure and you will have left the hospital in 1-2 hours. There is no need for hospital stay and you can get back to your normal routine on the same day. The patients who have gastric balloon procedures have to follow a special 10-day diet after the procedure and we provide a healthy nutrition program after that. The gastric balloon is administered to help you comply with this program more easily.

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