Gastric Sleeve

What is the Gastric Sleeve?

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is the most popular weight loss operation in the world and induces fast and significant weight loss.

Gastric sleeve surgery is also called the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG). VSG operation involves removing approximately 80% of the stomach. The remaining part of the stomach is a tubular pouch that looks like a banana.

Is the Gastric Sleeve right for me?

  • Are you constatly trying to loose weight but cant get the sustainable weight lost?
  • Are you actively dieting and excersing and  still cant achive the desired result of healthy BMI?
  • Is your BMI over 30+ and your weight started to give negative  impacts to your phsical and mental health?

Do you suffer from;

  • Low back pain constantly
  • Feeling tired all the time.
  • Shortness of breath ,sweating.
  • Joint pain on the knee and hip joints.
  • Self-esteem and low confidence
  • Sleep disorder and Apnoea.

If your answers are mostly YES to these questions the Gastric Sleeve operation is the right option for you get slimmer, fitter, healthier!!


Durıng the operatıon doctor will remove a portion of the stomach means fewer hunger-causing hormones are secreted, causing patient to feel less hungry generally

After the gastric sleeve operation you feel less hungry & feel full sooner while eating.

As result you eat less and lose weight

Therefore the Gastric Sleeve is the most popular choice for pations since 1960 . For the patiance seeking excellent and permanent fast weight loss. Its complication rates are really low, weight loss is fast and surgery time is much shorter than for other operation options. 

You derserved to be get slimmer, fitter, healthier!!

How Gastric Sleeve Is Performed

Laproskopic Gastric Sleeve operation is performed by removing %75 of the stomach to create a banana shape pounch. The pounch than connects direcly to the small intestine. The pouch is stapled and the rest of the stomach is taken.



How Much Weight Will I Lose

Probably you will lose approx 1 kilogram per week until their body weight  reaches a healthy range.

How Long does Sleeve Gastrectomy Take?

The operatin only  takes less than an hour. But be prepared to stay in the hospital few more days because of the pre-operative checks and postoperative observation. However on the day of operation the recovery will require an overnight stay in the hospital.

How Long will the Hospital Stay be?

You can leave the hospital within 24-48 hours of your  procedure. This means staying 2/3 nights  in the hospital.

Because everyons healing tıme is different and  the surgery can be different for each person depending on a patient’s past medical history.

You will be allowed home when the doctor gives the final approval.

How Soon will I be Able to Walk?

Usually on the same the day of your procedure you will be able to walk. Which we encourge the patients to do so.. Small walking wıill prevent the problems like blood clots and chest infection.

We will be helping you to do the shopping, lifting and transport for the first few days

How Soon can I Return to Exercise?

Just after the after surgery, you can begin  walking. However for more active exsercies maybe rest for 2-3 weeks and  gradual increase in physical activity. Getting a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise each day is recommended and will help you to loose weight quicker.

You derserved to be get slimmer, fitter, healthier!!

Just contact with us and we will take you through all the steps of the precedures.




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