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    20 October 2017
    John Tuohy
    Zirconium Crowns

    friendly and smiling

    Tourmedical was recommended to me by a friend of my Wife’s. In May of this year myself, my wife and sister in law came out and started our treatment. Initally I was only interested in having functionality of all my teeth, so my molar teeth were worked on, bridge work done to close my gaps and got all the mercury out of my body. But of course, then when I saw and felt my lovely back teeth, wanted the Cosmetic side too. We came back again this week, my wife for her check up and all 100% and me for my smile. It was easy this week, as all to the front of my mouth. The dentist and staff were all so friendly and smiling. The Clinic is the cleanest dental clinic, I have ever walked into and the care and attention to detail is amazing. I now have a full set of teeth, like I had when I was young and a smile, I never thought id own again.

    I would highly recommend the clinic to anyone thinking of travelling abroad.

    Thank you

    Review 1
    1 January 2017
    Alan Tighe
    Zirconium Crowns

     a smile better than I imagined

    I heard about Tourmedical from a friend who had been there, so decided id do something that I had put off for a long time and sort myself out.

    I made contact with them and all my questions were answered and a provisional treatment plan was worked out. It suited another friend of mine to come the same time, so the two of us headed over and were treated like kings from pick up from the Airport, to our hotel and to the clinic for all appointments.

    The dentist was gorgeous, but also a brilliant dentist, I have a smile better than I Imagined, I could have. Also we had a nice break and met some lovely people while we had our treatment carried out.

    I have already recommend Tourmedical and will continue to do so.