Thinking Of Travelling This Christmas ?

Thinking Of Travelling This Christmas ?

Maybe you are one of those people considering skipping Christmas this year to have that dental work that you want or need so badly. Some people think travelling around Christmas time will be more expensive as there no chartered flights and the price may be higher. But what people do not realize is that we have different special offers around this time of year. Some including where we pay for you hotel stay during your treatment. And some people have found it had worked out cheaper, firstly for their treatment and secondly for their Christmas shopping.

Here we celebrate the New Year like most of the world. Locals have christmas trees and christmas lights at home. Shopping centres and streets are decorated with festive lights and decorations and the atmosphere is exciting and warm. In Turkey we have many Christmas markets and finding any type of gift is easy.

Over the Christmas we are open everyday and we are offering discounts over the festive season. We can help you every step of the way. Our Service starts at home, We offer a discounted taxi services to the airport, we can help find flights and if you dental quote is over a certain amount we will book and pay for your hotel and if that is not enough, we will collect you from the airport here, collect you for all your appointments free of charge. Why not contact us for free quote and see how much you save this Christmas on you dental expenses.

Another reason to choose Tour Medical is that we are one of the leading clinics in dentistry when it comes to hygiene standards. We pride ourselves in the latest technology and the level of cleanliness and hygiene is always outstanding. From a filtered air-conditioning system to the most comprehensive dental cleaning equipment, dentist chairs and instruments we have it.

So why not treat yourself or the family to a memorable Christmas here in Turkey. You can also now purchase a gift-card for that special someone that may be planning to have a new smile. 

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