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E-max Crowns


Used For

Broken Teeth
Cosmetic Dentistry
Crooked Teeth
Smile Makeover
Stained Teeth
Teeth Restorations


Anesthesia : Local
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Treatment Info

E-max is an all-ceramic crown with an excellent record of aesthetics, durability and strength.

E-max crowns are made from a single block of lithium disilicate ceramic, which makes it extra strong and durable while maintaining a pleasant translucent color. These exceptional properties make E-max crowns a perfect choice to restore teeth. Due its

color, it’s hardly noticeable next to natural teeth. We at Tourmedical in Kusadasi Turkey prefer e-max crowns for Hollywood Smile Makeovers, as they garantee the result.

E-max crowns don’t have a metal alloy base, so you don’t get unsightly dark color in your gumline.

Depending on your teeth, some preparation might be needed before cementing E-max crowns. In many cases minimal amount of tooth is removed because it can be prepared in very thin sections due to its strength.

What Are The Benefits?

Durability and Strength:

E-max crowns are made of lithium disilicate; a glass ceramic that possesses excellent strength. These crowns are less likely to crack or fracture.


Due its translucency, it’s the best match for your natural teeth.


E-max crowns do not have a metal alloy base so they won’t be visible under gumlines.


Due to their resistance to fracture and chipping, E-max crowns can be prepared in thin sections so only a minimal amount of natural tooth structure is removed during the preparation.


  1. Consultation and X-Ray.
  2. Preparation of the tooth by removing a small amount of tooth structure.
  3. Taking an impression of your tooth. This is done by a mould filled with dental putty which you will be asked to bite into. The impression will be sent to a dental lab where your crown will be fabricated. This might take a few days. Your dentist will let you know the exact day after taking your impression.
  4. Placement of a temporary crown until your E-max crown is ready.
  5. Fitting and bonding of your permanent crown when it is ready. Your dentist will give it a final clean and polish.

Products - Brands used for this Treatment

At tour medical our first priority is to ensure that the products we use are of the highest quality and we also use internationally known and trusted brands which are up to european standards. altta kalan diger yazilar silenecek.

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