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How to Book


Tour Medical How to Book

Step 1

First Contact

Contact us to start your glamorous journey. Our professionals will guide you through everything.

Step 2

Free Consultation

Our specialist doctor will answer all the questions in your mind and give you a pre-diagnosis according to the treatment you require. Remember, this is just a pre-diagnosis, we will discuss all the other details later on.

Step 3

Treatment Plan

We will consult your dental issues with our professionals and plan your treatment options with our dentists and surgeons.

Step 4

Holiday Planning

Don't miss the luxurious accommodations and several travel options available during your treatment. We will handle everything so all you have to do is choose, sit back then enjoy!

Step 5

Choice of Transfer Service

Now that your treatment and accommodation plans are sorted. What about getting to and from the clinic? We schedule all the transfer services you require! (airport-hotel-clinic and much more).

Also, we have various alternatives that you can choose according to your wishes and expectations.

Step 6

Treatment Begins

The plan we have prepared for you is working excellently! At this stage you will begin your treatment in our state-of-the-art clinics with all modern equipment and the latest dental technology, where all sterilisation rules are adhered.

Step 7

Time To Relax And Make The Most Of Your Holiday

Now that everything is well in regards to your physical health! What about your mental health?

That means it's time for a well deserved break to enjoy a delightful holiday on sunny beaches or you can explore extraordinary cultural historical attractions. Dont forget to also enjoy some delicious food in exclusive restaurants that we can recommend.

Step 8

Time To Get You Back Home

Say Hello To New Life & A New Amazing Look!

You're ready to go home now! Don't worry. We planned this from the very beginning.
We will make it just as easy for you to go back home as it was coming to visit us thanks to our VIP transfer service.
All Done! You have become one of our happy patients who changed their lives with a unique treatment.

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