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Cold Lipolysis


What is the Cold Lipolysis ?

Cold lipolysis allows the cells to be removed from the body by cooling fat cells to a certain degree. Liposuction freezes fat cells without requiring any surgical procedure and causes them to contract and shrink. In this process, the fat cells, known by its biological name “apoptosis”, are destroyed and they cannot develop again. This makes cold lipolysis more preferable than other regional thinning methods. This method is a good alternative for people who are reluctant to use traditional aggressive treatment methods, such as liposuction, which form the body by reducing intensive and permanent local fat deposits. All the fat cells in the area that is being applied crystallize by giving the same reaction to the coolness at a certain temperature. Thus, all the fat cells in the area of application will undergo apoptosis, so a regular and proportional thinning of the body silhouette is seen. There is no collapse in certain parts of the body. In addition, pain, spasms, hematomas, job losses and decline in the quality of life seen during the period of nipple after liposuction are not seen in this method.

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