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Beard and Mustache Transplant



Anesthesia : Local
Operation Time : 8 Hour
Healing Time : 1 Month
Return To Work Time : 7-10 days
Hotel Acommodation : 4 day

What is the Beard And Mustache Hair Transplant?

The main reason for the transplant is that beard and moustache hair strands are sparse. The problem is solvable by placing hair follicles to the specific parts. If an experienced specialist performs your transplantation, it is difficult to distinguish the transplanted area from other parts. The beard structure that starts to appear in the adolescence period can differ depending on the genetical factors. The hair loss in the beard and mustache that occur due to genetical factors, skin diseases, injuries and burns are cured in better ways with the methods in the medicine that are developed more each day.

Beard Transplant

Beard transplant by FUE method is the process of collecting a sufficient amount of hair follicles from the donor area and placing the roots into the channels in the target area in accordance with the natural angle. With the transplantation process, the deformities in the face are eliminated and the beard transplantation is completed in places where there is no beard or where it grows sparsely. Thus, men feel better and relax psychologically. In order to get a good result, the beard and some hair follicles are examined first. As a result of the examination, hair follicles are taken from the nape of the neck. Hair collected to create a natural looking beard is applied to the places where there is no beard on the face.

Moustache Transplant

DHI method is the best option to perform moustache transplant. In the sense of application, there is no difference between hair transplantation. What is essential in moustache transplant is the success postoperative appearance. Moustache transplant is a better option for those who are 20 years and older. This transplantation is very similar to hair transplantation. However, it is a much more sensitive procedure since it will take place in the face area. You can shorten your moustache with scissors after 15 days. However, be careful while using scissors as the follicles may not hold on to the skin yet. Shedding may occur 2-3 weeks after the operation. After 2 or 3 months your new moustache begins to grow again and continues to grow in the normal course.

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